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I was on my way home from the airport after traveling to teach when I noticed how cranky and moody I felt. I could say that I was just tired from days of intensive teaching and the accompanying emotional highs. The transition from ?tired? to ?cranky? is a quick one.

But I had slept on the plane. It was something else. So I asked my inner goddess, ?Are you tired??

When you ask the right questions, the answers will come. And the answer came within a few hours: I wasn’t physically tired. I was craving good vibes. The normal routine of my traveling days?packing, unpacking, sitting in cars, trains, and planes?was not vibrant enough for my inner goddess. She needed to be unleashed.

Your inner goddess is your connection with feminine energy. She lives inside you, and she gets quiet when your inner critic takes over to make up stories. Your inner goddess loves freedom, nature, rituals, senses, colors, and movement. She doesn’t like routines. She wants to break free!

What is going on?

If you are like many women I have had conversations with, you are probably TIRED all the time.

You might even know that getting more rest and having a good eight hours of sleep per night is what you need. But I have a feeling that there is more to your tiredness.

Are you tired from overworking?

Are you tired from accommodating and pleasing others?

Are you tired from feeling guilty and being hard on yourself?

Are you tired from making up stories about other people and feeling hurt?

Are you tired from taking in negativity from people around you and the world?

The question you want to ask yourself (and maybe to consult about with your inner goddess?) is what is going on that makes you tired. Once you identify the root of your low energy, you are halfway to finding a solution. But wait: we have a problem!

Are you trapped in a vicious cycle?

When your energy level is low, and you are missing vitality and good vibes, your wisdom supply is limited. You are trapped in a vicious cycle of low energy, lack of joy, and frustration at not finding a solution.

The solution is simple:

Uplift yourself to a higher place! Raise your vibration!

Your inner wisdom will speak, and inspiration will flow.

In other words, when you’re tired of being tired, focus on good vibes only. The rest will naturally happen by itself.

Now, the question changes to:

How do you continue to uplift yourself?

There are number of things you can do to elevate your energy level.

  1. Meditate or, if you practice Reiki, give Reiki to yourself.
  2. Move your body. Walk, run, dance, jump?anything will do!
  3. Spend time in nature, even if only for few minutes.
  4. Connect with your inner light. Or, in the Beacons of Change language: Beacon in and Beacon out!
  5. Find your Soul Tribe, and let the sisterhood help you raise your vibration.

Let me say something about # 5 in the list.

If you are part of the Beacons of Change community, you probably know by now: I believe in the power of sisterhood!

One evening every week, I gather in a virtual room with a group of women. I share wisdom, tools, and practices for uplifting ourselves so we can live at full power.

Many of these women use our sisterhood?s video calls as their weekly ?energy shifter.? More than once I have seen on someone’s face how extremely tired she was at the beginning of the call and how much lighter and freer she felt by the time we all hang up.

We nurture and feed our inner goddesses and make sure they are happy so they can show us the way to feeling free, light, and fulfilled.

There is a magic that happens when women gather together, beloved, and I am honored to mentor and guide this unique group as we work to ignite our lights and shine brighter together!

Join your Soul Tribe and start getting the good vibes you need!