In the middle of a Reiki class, one of my students got really emotional and said to me in front of the group, ?You helped my mother change into a new person. She is now a strong woman who is adored by many, including myself.? She spoke from her heart about the transformation that occurred when her mother and I had worked together?and how much closer their relationship was as a result. She had once been so angry at her mother, but now her mom was her role model and inspiration.

Her story made me think about the value that self-healing work brings not only to us but also to our children.

I remember many years ago, when my kids were still young, how frustrated I felt that I was ?turning into my mother.? I screamed and yelled at them, just as my mother had done to me. Neither my self-awareness nor my ability to forgive my mom changed the fact that I defaulted to the parenting behaviors I had learned from her, even though I hated them.

After years of doing the inner work with trusted mentors, teachers, and guides, I can confidently say I have broken the pattern. My relationship with my 24-year-old daughter is kind, loving, and incredibly close. I know that my mom did the best she could and that she did not have the emotional tools to help herself. But I do. And I am passing them on to my own daughter.

What about you, beloved?

What negative generational patterns do you recognize in your child? Which of your own unhealthy tendencies?

You can teach yourself?and your kids?another way.

Many women feel guilty for investing time and money in themselves. As mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, and friends, we spend our valuable resources on others and expect ourselves to get better on our own. Asking for help when we’re hurting feels selfish.

Let’s challenge that idea. What if investing in your own journey of healing?of releasing limiting beliefs, tendencies, and barriers?wasn’t selfish? What if it was a gift to your child?

So many moms suffer from anxiety.

Their children suffer too.

So many women I have mentored have described to me the positive changes they recognized in their children as a result of the radical changes that they themselves were experiencing.

The choices you make now will affect future generations.

Hurt is deeply rooted in the past and can show up in your life in different ways. If you feel stuck, or if you recognize an unhealthy pattern, understand this: There is an invisible cord connecting pain, trauma, and dysfunction across generations.

It is time to cut that cord. Let me help you.

The process of breaking those painful chains takes time. I support the women I mentor through this transformation by opening my heart, leading with my intuition, and bringing a deep level of caring and compassion into our relationship. I cannot find hope for you, but I can show you where to look. I cannot break through the barriers that stop you from living the life you want to live, but I can give you the tools you need to knock through the walls yourself. After more than two decades of guiding women through personal transformation?and of doing the inner work myself?I promise you that you can do it too.

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Give a gift to posterity. Invest in your own healing journey and make a difference not only in your life but in the lives of your loved ones.


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