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Are you longing to feel more nourished and whole in your life?

Are you operating from a place of lack instead of flow?

Your soul is yearning to feel free and fulfilled.

Today’s world is intense. When you’re overwhelmed, finding ways to replenish and recharge your inner self is essential.

Therapists can help you process trauma and spiritual mentors can guide you, but if your soul is drained, your healing will remain incomplete.

If you take care of your body but neglect your soul, your self-care practice will only do so much.

Soulfulness is the critical missing piece on your journey back to wholeness.

When your body AND soul are filled up, healing trauma and aligning with your purpose gets easier.

Why is joining this challenge a necessity, not a luxury?

Lacking a soul connection is at the core of many conditions that make you feel unwell.

In this transformational FREE 5-Day Challenge, you will learn techniques, tools, and practices to fill up your soul and improve your health and well-being.

    You’ll join Michal on Facebook Live for 5 days. Monday-Thursday at 7:30 pm Eastern, Friday at 12 pm Eastern

    October 23: Reconnecting with your Soul

    October 24: Finding your center. Grounding your light

    October 25: Letting your soul speak

    October 26: Transforming into a higher vibration

    October 27: Cultivating a sense of soulfulness

    5-Day Fill Up Your Soul Challenge

    This challenge is for you if you’ve been feeling overwhelmed, disconnected from yourself, or yearning to deepen your connection with your soul.

    In just 5 days, you’ll learn tangible practices to replenish and nourish your inner self.

    You’ll also learn how to listen to your soul’s voice and transform your vibration to feel the sense of soulfulness in your life that you’ve been missing.

    Here is some feedback from women who took part in the previous challenge

    5-Day Fill Up Your Soul Challenge
    5-Day Fill Up Your Soul Challenge

    Lisa Bond: Thank you thank you and thank you. I greatly appreciate the 5-Day Challenge!

    Joanne Florez: The grounding practice I learned definitely helps me to make better choices in how I responded to situations.  The “Rise Up and Root Down” mantra helped me to stay detached and keep my high vibration. …  Definitely, grateful to learn these practices! ❤️ … thank you for recommendation to practice #9 … So inspiring! My takeaway is that  we all have a choice to Rise Up and Root Down, and the importance of connecting with our Soul with consistent practices. 

    Cynthia Oleary: I don’t think I could of heard my soul as clearly as I did without your meditation first. I felt very held by you and the group. Thank you, Michal!

    Karin Fahey: Wow! Letting my soul speak, the way you guided us, flowed for me. I love to write, but this was very helpful to be in this space with you. I felt supported. … Your practice, combined with Reiki helped me tremendously … feeling very connected to my soul.  I feel more grounded and uplifted and connected to soul … You are such a beautiful soul, Michal!

    Patrice Lovechild: I am a totally decided to shift the day I signed up for Reiki with you. And this soulful week was amazing.

    Wendy: Thank you for a lovely week Michal ❤️  … I need lots of guidance.  Your voice is so calming to listen to. I do feel my soul is opening up. So much gratitude!

    Linda Satterly: The 5-Day Soul Challenge not only made me so much more comfortable with my soul, it gave me a clearer understanding of spirituality. You have put some missing pieces back into my life, and I will be forever grateful for that.

    Meet Your Soul Guide
    Michal Spiegelman

    Medical Intuitive and Spiritual Mentor Michal Spiegelman will walk you through every step of the Fill Up Your Soul Challenge, providing support and encouragement along the way. Her experience as a social worker, Reiki Master, and life coach helps guide women like you through trauma-related conditions and into soulful healing.

    Join us for the free Fill Up Your Soul Challenge!

    This motivating and inspiring challenge is the perfect way to get back on track towards restoring the balance within you. So take action today, and begin living with more joy, peace, and ease.

    In just 5 days, this challenge can be the catalyst for REAL change in your relationships, your work, and your self-care routine.

    By the end of the challenge, you will have a practical toolkit for maintaining soulfulness in all areas of your life.

    Fill up your soul and start your journey to wholeness!