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End the Year Open, Tender, and Soft

by | Create a Turning Point

Last year at this time, my theme was ending the year strong.

But as the message below emerged during my morning Reiki and meditation practice, I knew that I was meant to share it with you this week. Because, this year, the collective energy is calling us to take a different—almost an opposite—direction.

The month of December provides us with an opportunity to close the year with intention, choosing the energy we want to bring into the new year. While society expects us to focus on achievement and success (“What did you accomplish this year? Which goals have you met?”), our souls crave something different.

Measuring our success according to goals, achievements, and accomplishments as we end the year might seem like the obvious thing to do, but this muscular approach invites comparison and competition, which is not in alignment with our real desires and needs.

Our inner goddesses are seeking a different type of “summary” as we end the year.

Our inner goddesses know that we—beacons, empaths, sensitive women—worked hard this year.

We allowed our deep sense of caring and our desire to serve take over, and there were times when we made other people more important than us. When we neglected ourselves because of the sense of empathy and compassion we felt toward others. When we wanted to contribute to the world and to express our empathy, and we got carried away and had no energy left to care for ourselves.

Our top priority right now is to pull back our energy.

We need to source our strength from a feminine, rather than a muscular, place and let our inner goddesses shine.

As you probably know, one of our foundational principles in the Beacons of Change is this:

Make it your mission, your mantra, your intention, your devotion to live as a beacon of change.

Let’s adjust this principle for the end of the year:

Make it your mission, your mantra, your intention, your devotion to end the year open, tender, and soft.

By the way, the word “soft” came to me prominently during my meditation, and it led to a fun brainstorming process with my assistant Madeleine that resulted in the powerful combination of “open, tender and soft.” (Thank you, Madeleine!)

Make those your favorite words for the next few weeks.

Write, read, chant, doodle, make art, sing, affirm, and especially feel “open, tender, and soft.”

Be open to receiving.

Get tender enough to feel.

Release tension, eliminate pressure, stop pushing through, and shift to a softer place of allowance.

Love, intuit, create, laugh, cry, dance, and sing. LIGHTEN UP.

Direct all the love that you have in your heart toward yourself.

Ending the year fully connected with the divine feminine is the only thing we need to do to beacon in and beacon out for the new year.

Are you with me, beacon?


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