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[Video] Do you still wear a bra every day?

By Michal Spiegelman

“Wearing a bra is the only structure I can manage right now!” wrote one of my Facebook friends. Her funny post got me thinking about our current routines and boundaries and how they are different than before. (Don’t worry—I am NOT going to tell you to wear a bra.)

The next day I noticed something interesting.

Our downstairs neighbors have moved to his parents’ house for now and left us with use of their apartment. We turned it into Shmuel’s office. While he can certainly go downstairs in his house pants and slippers, he puts on his jeans and nice shoes, grabs his backpack, and leaves as if he is going to his “real” office. Having this structure every day makes him feel good and productive.

So what does wearing a bra have to do with Shmuel’s new routine? And what is the ONE THING you need to know about creating structure versus letting your routine go out the window?

Watch this 30-minute video to find out and share your takeaways in the comments area below.

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  1. Marilyn Gorel

    Love “Physical distancing”. I wish this is the verbage that is used instead of social distancing.

    • Michal

      Thank you, Marilyn! I’m glad we’re on the same page

  2. Marilyn Gorel

    Agreed on the boundaries, but what if your boundary it is not ok with your spouse, should you take into consideration what your spouse’s wants and needs are as well and readjust your boundary to accomodate your spouse or a room mate?

  3. Michal

    Good question, Marilyn! It will be smart to communicate, to speak from your heart first, and to listen – really listen to the other side. And then, you get to decide if to set a boundary or not. Listening first. Then making a decision.


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