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[Video] Is this time divinely orchestrated for you?

By Michal Spiegelman

If you ever asked yourself why this challenging time is happening to us, here is the truth…
We are facing challenging times because that’s life.

Life is not perfect. Bad things happen (even to good people). And while we can’t always control them, we can use any challenge as an opportunity for growth.

Practice #5 of the 12 Practices for Living at Full Power is turn challenges into opportunities.

In this week’s vlog – recorded during a Facebook Live, I challenge you with the idea that this time is divinely orchestrated for you, and you can choose how to respond.

I share seven spiritual opportunities that are available for us collectively.

Which opportunity speaks to you the most today?

What is a spiritual lesson you want to add to the list?

Please write in the comment area below. See you there!

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    • Michal

      Hi Tiffany. I’m glad you are watching the video I hosted on FB live.
      Let me know what questions do you have and what is your take away from the video.


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