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Stressed out? Two crystals, 15 minutes, and this exercise are all you need

By Michal Spiegelman

Living as a beacon in an intense world requires engaging in radical self-care daily. It’s beneficial for your brain to be challenged from time to time with new practices.

Throughout the years, I have been trained in different healing modalities. Spicing up my practice has become my lifelong lesson. While self-Reiki and meditation are always included in my daily routine, I add a variety of tools to the mix so self-care becomes an intentional choice and not an auto-pilot habit.

Crystals are natural resources that can both absorb and release energy. Regarded by the ancients as “frozen light,” crystals are storehouses of power, light, and energy.

The uses to which we can put crystals are many. Crystals’ healing properties have been highly recognized since ancient times. Even if you have no prior knowledge about healing with crystals, the exercise I demonstrate in today’s vlog is easy to perform.

All you need is two crystals and a place to lie down.

The video that I am sharing today is one of eight lessons that I created for my crystal healing digital course. This course is a bonus gift when you purchase my Crystal Healing Chakra Balancing Set. The incredible, thoughtfully curated set includes 13 crystal pieces in a wooden gift box—7 chakra stones, rose quartz, amethyst crystal cluster, clear quartz point, selenite crystal, black tourmaline, chakra pendulum—plus a sage smudge stick and a beautiful Information card.

The digital video course is an added bonus to support your practice. Read more and purchase the Crystal Healing Chakra Balancing Set.

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