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Is your life out of balance? What can you do to regain balance?

Balanced living means you are centered and present every moment. You might feel joy and gratitude for no apparent reason. You sleep well, eat healthy, and stay in good shape, physically and emotionally.

Balanced living is when you see every challenge as an opportunity and you are conscious about your response rather than reacting instinctively.

Most of my life, I was out of balance. Read *my story* if you’re curious to know why.

For the last few years, my life has been much more balanced and I have a set of tools that allow me to get there.

One of my favorite tools is my ?Daily Balance Practice?.

It’s a personalized routine that you create according to your needs. Be creative; change it and modify it as you wish. My current ?Daily Balance Practice? is a 20-minute silent meditation I do every morning, followed by setting my intentions for the day.

This is what I say to myself every morning after my meditation:

“I pause, I breathe, and I smile.

I let go and let God.

Throughout the day, I remember to slow down.

I take baby steps one day at a time

and I’m grateful for?..?

This week, I got very inspired when I shared the ?Balanced Routine? with my coaching client, Jennifer. Jennifer always has such creative ideas! She is doing things she loves but is unable to slow down enough to enjoy them.

It’s interesting that following your passions might not be enough ? our life might still be out of balance because we leave no room for taking care of ourselves.

I asked Jennifer to imagine her life if she was able to slow down and regain balance. She said she would breathe slower, relax her shoulders, drink more water and eat better.

Based on her vision, Jennifer created her ?Daily Balance Practice?:

?I breathe slowly

I relax my shoulders

I connect to my core

I smile

I enjoy the good things in the moment and I trust my instincts

I drink a lot of water

I stay away from processed food

And I only eat sugar when I have to.?

Jennifer made a commitment to say (and follow) her new routine at least twice a day every day and to share her success with me in our next coaching session. Yes, accountability is a huge motivational factor.

This week I am offering a free ?Balance Routine? service:

  1. Create your own ?Daily Balance Practice?
  2. email it to me. (please write: ?My Daily Balance Practice? in the subject line) and tell me that you would like me to hold you accountable.
  3. I will email you back one week later to hear about your success and the impact it had on your life, and I will give you a great tip on how to make it into a habit and change your life.

So what do you say? Ready to regain balance?

Write a comment and share your routine.