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[Video] The best way to offer compassion without self-neglect

By Michal Spiegelman

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been engaged in conversations with women who need to strengthen their emotional boundaries. Some women struggle to say no, even when they know that they end up feeling drained and depleted when they say yes. Other women are afraid to be judged or criticized by a family member if they take time to practice self-care.

So, today’s vlog is entirely dedicated to sharing a practice (it is actually a short movement that you do with your hands) to help you embody helping others while taking care of yourself first.

If what I share at the end of the video speaks to you, and you are interested in joining me for my next virtual Reiki class for beginners, this link will take you there.

This is a picture of the practice I share in the video,
during a live workshop in Atlanta, before the pandemic.

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