Let me Help You Break Through the Barriers and Uncover Your Truth!

I love working personally with women to help them uncover the truth and let it guide them toward a meaningful change.

I love mentoring women through a process of identifying and breaking through whatever stops them from living at full power?from experiencing the joyful life they deserve.

What stops you from being happy? What stops you from attracting the right guy? What stops you from healing your depression?

I have a few openings for appointments between now and Valentine’s Day, so I created a ?Valentine’s Day Special? to spread that love.

Break-through mentoring session with Michal is normally $300.

Click below to book your mentoring appointment with me and TAKE $100 OFF a one hour appointment.

Give a gift to posterity. Invest in your own healing journey and make a difference not only in your life but in the lives of your loved ones.

Michal has helped me immensely!

Before coaching with Michal, I had low self-esteem, was very indecisive, and had an ‘I don’t care’ attitude.

Michal taught me how to take control of my life and acknowledge the things in life that didn’t serve me anymore.

I am now in a great place mentally, and I can’t thank her enough.

Chelsea Oliver

THANK YOU so much for the amazing magical session today!

You communicated with me in a way that resonated profoundly and led me into space where I could experience a deep transformation.

Your intuition, wisdom and coaching mastery were incredible to experience.

Iu-Hui Chua

Michal: Starting life coaching with you was a real turning point for me, and I became empowered in my ability to communicate in a way I never had before in my relationships. Meredith Bynum

Michal’s insight has provided me more self-growth than any other professional or therapy sessions in the past.

I recommend her wholeheartedly. Carmen Seda