The Chakra Balancing Bootcamp

Declutter your Energy.
Take the power of Colors in your Hands.

The Chakra Balancing Bootcamp is an online home study course with seven modules. Each module focused on one Chakra and one color.

The online course is designed to give you access to a new audio and materials every week because we believe this will give you the best learning experience by allowing you to focus on one chakra and one color at a time for a whole week, and resulting in a deep, meaningful and insightful journey.

If for some reason, you prefer to have immediate access to the whole course instead of week by week, we will not stand in your way.

Course Modules

Module 1: The Root Chakra and the Color Red

Module 2: The Sacral Chakra and the Color Orange

Module 3: The Solar Plexus Chakra and the Color Yellow

Module 4: The Heart Chakra and the Color Green

Module 5: The Throat Chakra and the Color Blue

Module 6: The Third Eye Chakra and the Color Indigo

Module 7: The Crown Chakra and the Color Purple

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After the course I’m incorporating more colors to my life. I am choosing colors by their vibration and the way I feel each day. If I feel down, I choose to wear red, if I need to balance my emotions, I choose orange and so on…. it’s incredible.
Carolina Beltran

I try to implement the meaning of the chakra with my personal life. The shifts are huge for me, I am noticing the different shifts in my energy, and the people around me. It’s great!
Jennifer Burkart

I thoroughly enjoyed the Chakra BootCamp, I loaded the files onto my iPod and I continue to play the lessons. Can you believe that I now wear so many bright colors? I have more green and blues and purples than I have ever had and worn. Before the BootCamp, you could almost always find me in black.
Thanks to the Camp, each day when I go into my closet, I effortlessly choose color, because I know exactly what they mean.
Tunisia Ali

Purchase the Chakra Balancing Bootcamp
Only $97