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Can Reiki really help you heal stress and find peace?

By Michal Spiegelman

Losing a pregnancy is hard. After losing six of my eight pregnancies, I was severely traumatized and depressed. It was like I’d lost pieces of my soul.

For years, I carried grief so deep that it felt like I was drowning. I knew I had to release the sadness, but I didn’t know how.

Then, one day, I saw a random ad in a local magazine. It was about a Reiki class. Thank God I listened to my inner voice that told me I needed to sign up because that class changed my life.

As soon as I started to treat myself with Reiki, that cloud of sadness lifted. The release made space for the joy, peace, and healing that I’d been missing for so long. That was many years ago, in 1996.

Now, I dedicate my life to sharing my love of Reiki with others. Thousands of people have gone through our Reiki training and are feeling less stressed and more at peace.

Is that Reiki truly that powerful?

Can it really heal stress?

How can you connect with Reiki?

Can anybody learn it?

Watch the video and learn the answers to these questions, and more.

Stick around until the end of the video for a practice that will help you experience what Reiki FEELS like.

If this video speaks to you and you’re interested in learning Reiki with me, check the dates and register for our next Reiki class.

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