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Book of the Month: Healing Back Pain: The Mind-Body Connection by John E. Sarno, MD.

By Michal Spiegelman

This book is highly recommended for anyone who is curious about the mind-body connection and a holistic view of pain. Sarno focuses on Tension Myositis Syndrome (TMS), a major cause of pain in the back, neck, shoulders, buttocks and limbs, but his philosophy extends to other physical disorders like asthma, headaches, acne, hives, dizziness and more.

According to Dr. Sarno, physical disorders are caused not by structural abnormalities but by the mind’s effort to repress emotions. He’s not saying that your pain is all in your head; rather, he’s saying that the battle going on in your mind results in a real physical disorder that may affect muscles, nerves, tendons, or ligaments.

?It is not the occasion itself?, says Sarno, ?but the degree of anxiety or anger that it generates that determines if there will be a physical reaction.? The problem is the ?built-in tendency to repress unpleasant, painful, or embarrassing emotions?.

Being aware of the effect our mind has on our physical health helps us shift the focus from the pain to emotional issues and eventually take control over the pain, rather than allowing our subconscious mind to be in control.

I have watched many people experience deep and meaningful healing after reading this book and following Sarno’s guidelines.

Of course, Healing Back Pain should not be used for self-diagnosis. Always consult a physician for chronic or acute back pain

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