Do you know what I’m thankful for? You. Your thoughtful emails, comments, insights, and questions uplift and motivate me every day. And as we dive head first into the hustle and bustle of the holiday season?a time of both joy and stress?I hope you will remember to give yourself the gift of tender, loving care.

To inspire you to add some color to your life this Black Friday, I have put together some special limited-time-only Beacons of Change offerings. If you have been wanting to dig deeper into your heart and soul work, now is your chance to get some of our bestselling products at the best deal of the year. Gift them to a loved one too so you can support one another in staying grounded as we soar toward the end of the year.

Explore these unique offerings below, and shop with the coupon code SAVENOW at checkout.

Chakra Balancing Bootcamp

Regular Price: $97
Black Friday 50% Off: $48.50

The Chakra Balancing Bootcamp is an online home study course with seven modules. Each module focuses on one Chakra and one color. The course is designed to help you declutter your energy and use colors to balance your Chakras.

Guided Meditations

Regular Price: $97
Black Friday 50% Off: $48.50

A set of 12 guided visualizations and meditations created by Michal that will take you through a deep, transformational experience. The meditations come in mp3 format, so you can save them to your computer or listen on your smartphone.

The Beacons of Change Online Sisterhood ? Join the tribe!

Regular Price: $49 per month
Black Friday Sale: 3-month membership for $73.50 (50% Off!)

The Inner Circle is an online sisterhood of women who, guided by Michal’s intuition and decades of experience, work together to build deeper connection with their spirituality and purpose, in their relationships with themselves and with others. Explore new perspectives, shift your energy, and develop personal accountability so you get the individual results you want.

The Journey into Your Soul

Regular Price: $400
Black Friday Sale: $250 (Save $150!)

The Journey into Your Soul is a 90-minute, one-on-one transformative experience that can be conducted with Michal in person or through Skype or Zoom. If you are ready to fully leave the past behind or to get ?unstuck??or if you’re simply looking for guidance, clarity, and direction on your next step?this deep healing session will help you to align with your soul-purpose and find answers to the questions within.

21-Day Reiki Support System

Regular Price: $47
Black Friday 50% Off: $23.50

If you are a Reiki practitioner at any level, and you would like to reconnect with Reiki and strengthen your daily practice, this program is for you. You will receive two audio guided visualizations and a daily email to provide you with the encouragement you need for a 21-day self-Reiki practice.

Advanced Reiki ? Home Study Course

Regular Price: $47
Black Friday 50% Off: $23.50

If you are a Reiki level 2 practitioner or a Reiki master who wants to deepen your relationship with Reiki, this course will teach you valuable tools for enhancing your practice.

Reiki 1 & 2 Class Package (Atlanta)

Regular Price: $175 for Reiki 1 and $275 for Reiki 2
Black Friday Sale: $400
(Save $50 and take the classes any time in 2019!)

In the Reiki 1 class, you will learn to treat yourself and others. Once you take the class, you will join our active Reiki community of more than 1000 people and enjoy consistent support. In the Reiki 2 class, you will learn remote treatment so you can start using Reiki in a more intuitive and spiritual way to send to others.

Wishing you peace and love this busy time of year and always,


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