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It was a difficult morning. A family member was in the hospital overseas, waiting for his open heart surgery the following day. He had plenty of support around him, but I still felt guilty about not being there. I thought of all the times my extended family had supported and loved me, and I wished I could show up for them now.

Instead, from my home 6000 miles away, guess what I did? I spiraled into playing the ?something bad is about to happen? movie in my mind.

My anxiety grew throughout the day. The truth is, I didn’t want to change my thinking. I resisted trying to make myself feel better. By the evening, I was driving myself crazy with worry. I wasn’t feeling like myself.

As you can probably guess, I’m the person that the people in my life usually turn to when they are feeling anxious and worried. They know that I will help them get out of the rut and start feeling better.

But you know what?

There are times when trying to stop feeling anxious and worried is the exact opposite of what we need.

There are times when honoring the way we feel without trying to change it is our spiritual lesson.

This day was one of those times for me.

Let me tell you the rest of the story so you’ll get my point.

Before going to bed that night, I pulled out a few reflective practices and nonactivities from my imaginary self-care bag. (You can read more about nonactivities in this article I wrote about self-care).

Journaling helped me process my thoughts and realize that honoring my feelings during the day without trying to change them was an act of self-love. I meditated and gave Reiki to myself. But the most important thing I did that night?

I surrendered.

I tapped into a power bigger than myself.

I had a conversation with God. I spoke with the universe. I sent Reiki to the situation. (Sending Reiki is like a prayer with structure.) I asked for guidance.

I slept deeply and had powerful, spiritual dreams. I healed a lot overnight, and I also sent a lot of healing. The next morning I woke up feeling clear, grounded, strong, and inspired.

Allowing ourselves to feel the way we feel without trying to change it
deepens our healing and our spiritual connection.

I felt energetically uplifted on the day of my family member’s surgery. I understood that the best way I could help was to stay grounded and spiritually connected?and to project a true sense of trust and optimism. Not by trying to fake my feelings.

There are times when you need to stop feeling anxious and worried, and there are times when you need to feel exactly how you feel without trying to change.

That’s what true healing looks like.

That’s what true spiritual connection looks like.

Does it surprise you, beloved, when I say that being anxious and worried is actually a gift?

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