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Cup of tea“One drinks Tea to forget

the noise of the world” – Okakura Kakuz?

Think about a time of day when you could use a break from life, a time to pause, to be in the moment. Use a nice teacup; maybe even treat yourself with a new one. Don’t just put it in and get on the phone or watch TV. Pay attention to the process of making the tea. If you use a clear glass, you can watch the color of the water change. When the tea is ready, sit down quietly, away from your phone and your computer. Focus 100% on the experience of drinking the tea: the texture, the smell, the feeling in your mouth, the change in temperature, and the flavor. Close your eyes, smell it and let it warm your face. Imagine that it’s the first time in your life that you see, smell or taste tea and fully explore it.

Have fun preparing your Tea Ritual. Explore different tea brands and get samples either in stores or online so you can try different types and come up with your favorite teas. If you’ve never tried loose leaf tea, this is a great opportunity. You’ll end up with better tea and more to work with for your ritual.

Even if your Tea Ritual takes up only 5 minutes of your day, it will help you to get centered, relax and be ready to continue your day.

Give yourself permission to pause.

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