For Reiki Practitioners of All Levels

Advanced Japanese Reiki Techniques Workshop

July 28, 2019, 2-5 pm, at the Heal Center Atlanta

Reiki Beacon,

Before the March passing of Grand Master Phyllis Furumoto, granddaughter of Grand Master Hawayo Takata, I had the honor of spending a day with her in New York. It became clear to me that, while Grand Master Takata created the formal structure of the hand positions, Grand Master Usui based his Reiki treatment on intuition.

While following the hand positions gives us peace of mind, it is valuable to develop skills to tap into Reiki in a more intuitive and spiritual way.

Throughout the years, I have used and tested many Reiki techniques, in addition to the techniques that we teach in our training.

I will be teaching at least ten techniques (and probably more) that are going to empower you to expand your “Reikibility” and bring more joy into your practice.

I hope that you can join me.

Reiki love,

Michal Spiegelman

Intuitive Transformation Mentor, Reiki Master, and Reiki lover since 1996

Get empowered to activate Reiki in a more intuitive and spiritual way

July 28, 2019
2:00 – 5:00 PM
Heal Center Atlanta
270 Carpenter Dr.
Sandy Springs, GA 30328

Registration: $50 in advance, $75 at the door.
Reserve your spot now, seats are limited.

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This event is open to men and women who practice Reiki at all levels

Here’s what you’ll get in the workshop

Knowledge – You will learn more than ten Japanese techniques that were developed by Grand Master Mikao Usui.

Practice – You will get hands-on practice with the techniques—on yourself and others.

Community – You will gather together with like-minded spiritual seekers who share the love of Reiki with each other and with the world.

Guidance – The workshop is being held in a professional environment, guided by Michal and the Beacons of Change team, at the Heal Center’s sacred healing space.

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