Journey into The Soul

Private, one-on-one, profound, deep healing at a soul level.
Transform your trauma, align with your soul purpose, and discover the answers Within You.

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Ignite Your Light

A 3, 6, or 12-month online private mentoring program for deep healing.

Get to the core of what is holding you back from standing in your full power.

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Book a Reading

One hour online. Receive a comprehensive perspective on your physical symptoms, emotional blocks, spiritual growth, well-being, and a tailored healing plan.

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The Soulful Healer

A 6-week transformative online program for healing professionals and women.

Channel your healing from the soul and create the lasting change you desire.

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Learn Reiki

Live Virtual Reiki Classes for all levels.
Develop a personal self-care practice to decrease chronic pain, anxiety, and depression and increase your sense of well-being.

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awaken your intuition

Awaken Your Intuition 2024

Unlock the hidden potential of your intuition to make decisions, solve problems, and develop inner trust. A pre-recorded course with live Q&A Sessi

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Self-Study Courses

From chakra balancing to courses for empaths and crystal work, these online self-study courses will help you expand your knowledge and empowerment.

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The Soulful Healer

A 6-week transformative online program for healing professionals and women.

Channel your healing from the soul and create the lasting change you desire.

Coming January 2025 →

About Beacons of Change

With access to the limitless wisdom held within your soul, you can awaken your true power.

As each year goes on, the weight of collective suffering increases in pace and complexity, bearing down heavily upon humanity.

The rapid pace of technological change, alongside a continuing legacy of racism, antisemitism, war, inequality, and other social injustices, has compounded the already significant stressors of modern life and spread the seeds of division.

As the modern world becomes more chaotic, we’re pulled further away from our soul and its capacity for intuition, wisdom, compassion, and shared humanity. In this state of detachment, we lose touch with the authenticity and emotional truth that our Soul represents, leaving us numb and disconnected from the essence of our being.

At Beacons of Change, we envision a world where each of us is reconnected to our soul, awakened into our power, and infusing our lives with personal transformation. This allows us to show up authentically, be true to ourselves, and live guided by a set of values that are aligned with universal values.

We can heal together, work together, ease suffering, help each other, and show kindness. Change starts with us.

About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to guide individuals to reconnect with their souls and awaken their true power. We do this through the Soulful Healer Method’s six keys: empowerment, spirituality, authenticity, insight, vitality, and embodiment. We provide a toolbox of creative and practical techniques to guide women and healing professionals toward genuine transformation at the deepest level, helping them navigate trauma, connect with their inner wisdom for sustainable healing, and enhance their professional abilities and the quality of care they provide to their clients.

About the Soulful Healer Method

The Soulful Healer Method is an approachable yet profound strategy for living a soul-filled life, designed to unlock the best version of yourself. Here are the six keys we focus on:

6 keys for profound transformation
Through these keys, we invite you to embark on a step-by-step journey to embrace your true power and full potential, incorporating thought-provoking questions and practical techniques. Whether you’re a seasoned therapist or someone seeking more positivity and meaning in your life, the Soulful Healer Method offers a pathway to profound personal and professional transformation.

Our Manifesto

We stand together as a collective, knowing that healing together outshines healing alone.

We recognize the interconnectedness of the mind, body, spirit, and soul and champion an integrated approach to our sacred work.

We prioritize self-care.
We are humble yet confident in our gifts.
We navigate challenges with grace.
We listen to inner guidance, allowing our souls to speak.
We create safe spaces for healing.
We uncover root causes and lead with grounded wisdom.

As guides for transformation and self-discovery, we serve as conduits for healing, influencing the collective consciousness.

By embodying healing in our own lives, we facilitate healing in the lives of others.

Empowered to empower others, we create freedom inside and out.

Together, we infuse our lives with greater empowerment, spirituality, authenticity, insight, vitality, and embodiment.

In the symphony of healing, we are bound by a shared journey towards holistic well-being.

As one, we dance to the rhythm of our unique hearts and souls, expanding our impact and leaving a lasting mark on the world.

About Us

Our Core Values

    1. Authenticity: Embracing and expressing our true selves, being genuine in our thoughts, actions, and interactions.
    2. Community: Building a supportive and inclusive community that fosters connection, collaboration, mutual purpose, and support.
    3. Continuous Development: Embracing ongoing curiosity, learning, and growth to enhance skills, knowledge, and wisdom.
    4. Empowerment: Empowering ourselves and others to reach their full potential.
    5. Humanity: Demonstrating love, care, and respect for all individuals, including ourselves.
    6. Innovation: Encouraging proactive, creative, and innovative thinking to explore new approaches, tools, and solutions.
    7. Integrity: Upholding unwavering ethical standards with honesty, transparency, and accountability in professional interactions.
    8. Joy: Cultivating an atmosphere of joy and positivity, celebrating life’s moments, and fostering happiness in ourselves and those around us.
    9. Leadership: Leading by example with empathy and inspiration, we commit to accepting responsibly to nurturing personal growth, all while championing collaborative progress and individual empowerment.
    10. Soulfulness: Infusing our work with deep awareness, embracing the interconnectedness of mind, body, spirit, and soul in the healing process, honoring the essence of our being.

Meet Michal

Michal Spiegelman

I had tears of joy in my eyes as I accepted my social work degree on a sunny summer day in 1987. Finally, I could begin the work I was born to do.

Despite learning some of the latest theories and practices at the time, it didn’t take long before I was challenged by the limitations of my skills and education.

My clients experienced physical symptoms alongside their emotional struggles, such as chronic pain, tension, digestive issues, and fatigue. Even when we achieved a mental and emotional shift, the trauma remained stored in their bodies, ready to be triggered at unexpected moments.

I encountered cases where clients faced deep-seated fears and anxieties that seemed impervious to traditional therapeutic approaches as well as instances in which cultural or societal influences played a significant role in their challenges.

While already using tools beyond surface-level insights, these experiences underscored the importance of continuous learning and exploration in my journey as a practitioner. I wanted to find practical ways to address what was happening at the root level. So, I followed my inner call and became open to learning additional approaches that integrated mind, body, spirit, and soul healing. And it worked.

For over three decades now, as a medical intuitive, spiritual mentor, and founder of the Beacons of Change community, I support women in uncovering the root causes of their physical symptoms, stress, and trauma-related conditions, and then I help them heal.

Then, that same guiding voice came knocking on my door again, urging me to delve deeper into my capabilities. It encouraged me to encapsulate the trauma-informed healing method I had honed over three decades into a framework that healing professionals of all kinds could apply to their practices. And the Soulful Healer Method was born.

From here, we will continue to work towards our vision of a world where each of us is reconnected to our soul, awakened into our power, and guided by a set of values aligned with the universal values of all.

I’m so grateful to have you on this journey with me. Please reach out if you have any questions. I would love to get to know you.

To learn more about the profound transformation that awaits, visit the page for my upcoming book, Becoming Soulful: Six Keys for Profound Transformation in Your Therapy, Coaching, or Healing Practice. Join the launch party in the summer of 2024 and be part of the change.