The Beacon of Change You Are

If you are a woman, you are a Beacon of Change.
You are a source of light and inspiration.
You are someone that guides and gives hope to others.

Today, I want to invite you to get in touch with the light.
Your own personal light which is meant to shine bright and be shared with the world.

It is time to get in touch with your inner light.
It is time to connect with your inner wisdom.

Recognizing and owning your inner light is possible when you give yourself permission:

To love yourself.
To speak your truth, even if you disappoint another.
To have fun no matter what.
To take care of YOU before taking care of others.
To be one with your feminine power.

You are a feminine, vibrant leader that leads from her heart.
Own it!

You lead yourself, you lead your family members and friends. You lead strangers by being an example.

And if you’re asking yourself how to do it – you are asking the right question.
How do you become the Beacon of Change you were created to be?

Every morning when you wake up, ask yourself:

How can I show up as the real me a little bit more today?
What light am I ready to shine today?
How do I chose to show up today?

Women heal in community.
It is absolutely necessary to take your Beacon of Change journey in sisterhood with other women.

We love one another.
We feed each other’s soul.
We connect to our heart’s desires.
We hold each other in the light.

So let’s add one more question to your morning questions:

How can I bond with my sisters a little bit more today?

You might ask – “why a little bit? why not fully?”

The answer is simple, sister: it is also time to practice imperfection.

Be the Beacon of Change you are by stepping into your divine leadership role.

A little bit more – today.

Thank you for being committed to feeling lighter, free and fulfilled.

A little bit more today.

Yours in light & service,


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