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Taking some quiet time for yourself at the beginning and end of each day has the power to change your life. In today’s world, it’s easy to feel rushed all the time. There’s always something important to do ? it never stops! ?You end up being a human DOING rather than a human BEING. You might’ve heard that setting an intention before you start your day, and ending your day with gratitude can help but you’re not sure how to do it. You might’ve even said to yourself ?OK, this day is going to be different!? and tried it but don’t know how to be consistent.

Affirmations are exactly what you need.

You can find affirmations in books, cards, online and in magazines. You’ve probably read and liked some, and forgot about it the minute you got back to real life.

My clients know that I love affirmations. Sometimes I call them empowering statement, or new beliefs or just affirmations. ?Affirmations are a fun way to retrain your brain, to remind you of things you already know, to move from awareness to action.

Here are 3 ways to use affirmations effectively:

1. Make them your own.

If you’re trying to create the life you want, there is nothing more powerful than identifying your “old baggage”; past beliefs, thought patterns, ways you have been programmed to view yourself. Usually, those past experiences stop you from moving forward in your life.

Create your affirmations to counteract those thoughts and beliefs that aren’t serving you to retrain your brain. State specifically what you need to change in a positive and empowering way. Make them your own.

For example, many of my clients would like to exercise regularly but can’t be consistent about it. I usually ask them to think about a time when they were able to exercise and to connect to how they felt and what they got out of it. Based on their experience, we create an affirmation to remind them of their focus and benefit:

I choose to exercise, it makes me feel free and light

I exercise and I’m energized, focused and clear headed

I am consistent and guilt-free when I move my body, mind and spirit

2. Use affirmations creatively.

After you create your affirmations, make them fun and accessible. Write them on colorful index cards with colorful markers. Write them on sticky notes in different colors and post them in different places: one next to your computer, one on the fridge and one in your car. One of my clients programs her weekly affirmation into her phone calendar and with an alarm so it pops up 3 times a day. Have a pad and colorful crayons on your kitchen table and write it in different colors at different time. Use dry-erase markers on your bathroom mirror; dry-erase markers make positive thinking fun.

3. Create a daily practice.

A daily practice!

Practice, practice, practice – every day.

Your thought patterns and behaviors have been programmed over your entire lifetime. You can’t expect to change that by reading an affirmation once! If you want a long-lasting effect on your brain, you’ll need a long-term practice. Create a practice that will fit your style:

Twice a day: right when you wake up and just before you go to bed.

3 times a day: with breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Every hour.

Every 4 hours.

Whatever you choose, be consistent. Practice your affirmation – make it your own and make it fun. You are on your way to better life!