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Would you do a little experiment for me, beloved?

Close your eyes and imagine the room you’re sitting in right now has red walls. How does it feel? Stimulating, right? Maybe even overstimulating?

Now, keeping your eyes closed, turn the walls to blue. What’s different? It feels calmer, right?

The effect on your brain and your nervous system changes with each color of the spectrum you visualize painted on the four walls around you. Why is that?

While perceptions of colors are somewhat subjective?rooted in our personal experiences and culture–each is associated with a universal meaning and specific qualities.

Why does color matter?

You can benefit from colors by wearing, eating, and using them for your environment and space. Colors are a source of energy. They affect your emotions, your mood, and your attitude. Ancient cultures, such as those of the Egyptians and Chinese, practiced chromotherapy and used colors to heal.

Each color of the spectrum is carried on a frequency that matches up perfectly with an organ in the body. To help people in healing themselves, I often identify which of their body’s energy centers (or Chakras, in Sanskrit) is out of balance and then stimulate that area with the corresponding color.

What are the 3 colors to wear when you want to feel powerful?

Tell me if this scenario makes sense to you: You wake up tired. You’re late. Thinking about the busy day ahead of you makes you feel even more tired and a bit anxious and frustrated. Chances are that if you quickly grab something to wear, it will be black or gray. Why? Because like energies attract, and black and gray represent the absence of light and energy. (Surprised? You can read more here about why black and gray are not the colors you want to wear regularly.)

Now let’s say you have a job interview. Or you’re about to teach, speak, host a Facebook Live event, go on a date, or even just interact with a person who might drain your energy. Your intention is to feel confident, vibrant, and powerful.

If you wear one of the cool colors of the spectrum (blue, purple, or green) you come across as calm. If “calm” is the energetic message you want to send out, go for it! But you might be missing some vibrancy and energy. We’re talking about projecting strength and power, remember?

So colors on the warm side of the spectrum might be more appropriate. Red, orange and yellow are the 3 colors you want to wear to project power.

“But I hate red! It reminds me of blood and anger.”

Red is the most stimulating color. Red is the “fire” color. It is dynamic and connects you with passion and vitality. Red grounds you and brings you energy.

Wear red and stay curious. What do you notice?

But people will stare at me if I wear orange!”


If you want to reclaim your power, you need to make yourself more visible and present.

Orange evokes emotions. It’s the color of joy and zest of life. You come across as enthusiastic when wearing orange.

Wear orange. What reactions do you get? (You’ll be surprised!)

“But yellow doesn’t match my skin tone!”

I know!

Mine either! But every time I wear yellow, I receive compliments. People notice me and notice the yellow. I make a statement. Isn’t making a statement exactly what you want to do when you lack feelings of power or confidence?

Yellow radiates lightness, happiness, and fun and facilitates the flow of communication.

A few more fun facts about colors

In a survey about color preferences conducted by Joe Hallock, 42% of people preferred blue. Women liked blue, purple, and green the most, while men liked blue, green, and black.

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