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12 Practices for Living at Full Power

For many years, I have watched my women friends, soul sisters, and colleagues hide in the back and allow others to dim their lights. As a coach and teacher, I have helped thousands of women to navigate a process of change so they can live at full power. At the same time, life has o ered me my own challenges, and I have had lots of opportunities to fall and rise, to step out of my comfort zone, and to stretch myself on a personal and professional level. Making myself vulnerable and sharing my personal transformation with my tribe has become my way of life.

I created the 12 Practices to embolden women to live free, light, and fulfilled, but it has been years in the making. The world around us is intense, and we are being called, now more than ever, to stretch beyond our comfort zones. I could write an entire book about each of these twelve practices because there is so much depth and richness to their lessons.

Download your own copy of the 12 Practices at the bottom of the page.


living at full power

1. Create your own turning points.

2. Love your Goddess.

3. Live outside your comfort zone.

4. Bring purpose to pain.

5. Turn challenges into opportunities.

6. Embrace change with joy.

7. Engage in radical self-care.

8. Stand up and roar!

9. Be human. Be Imperfect.

10. Rise and Shine!

11. Balance doing with being.

12. Beacon in! Beacon out!

12 Practices for Living at Full Power

Get a colorful copy of the 12 Practices for Living at Full Power that you can download and print. (Via email)