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10 ways to destroy your balance

  1. Rush to start your day. Straight to emails, work and life as soon as you wake up.
  2. Don’t plan your meals or cook. Eat out, or just grab something on the way.
  3. Automatically say ?Yes? to anything you’re asked to do.
  4. Don’t make time to exercise or even go for a walk when you’re busy.
  5. Try to think in these terms: I have to, I need to, I can’t, I don’t.
  6. Spend all your time around screens. TV, computer, iPhone, iPad.
  7. ?I?ll sleep when I’m dead.?
  8. Watch the news or read email right before going to bed.
  9. Wear the “Superhero Glasses” ? you need to be perfect all the time, 24/7!
  10. Do one more thing before you take care of yourself. Oh, and just one more?